• Dr. Herpy

Meet Heather Hudy



  1. How long have you been at Kenston? – 8 years
  2. What are your plans after high school? – Community College
  3. What was your favorite class? -Geology of the National Parks
  4. Who was your favorite teacher? -Geology of the National Parks
  5. What is your favorite Kenston memory? -Marching Band
  6. What is your favorite school event or activity?
  7. Are you still friends with the people you were friends with freshman year? – Yes
  8. What was your favorite year at Kenston? -Freshman/Senior
  9. Who or what are you going to miss the most? -All the classmates and teachers
  10. What do you regret the most about high school? – I made friends with Procrastination
  11. Is there any advice you would like to give the next class of seniors? –  Don’t stress yourself out on your final year, live your life and don’t hold back