• Dr. Herpy

Meet Katelyn Herendeen

  1. How long have you been at Kenston?- Since Kindergarten
  2. What are your plans after high school?- Go to Kent State University for Busniess Managment and also work at Dino Plamieri Salon Art
  3. What was your favorite class?-
  4. Who was your favorite teacher?- Mrs. Fruchter
  5. What is your favorite Kenston memory?- Being in band and Mr. Sell trying on some of the new marching band uniform samples
  6. What is your favorite school event or activity?- Tennis and the Fourth of July fireworks
  7. Are you still friends with the people you were friends with freshman year?-  No
  8. What was your favorite year at Kenston?- Junior Year
  9. Who or what are you going to miss the most?- I’ll miss the friends who won’t be going to the same college as me
  10. What do you regret the most about high school?- Not taking more opportunities to try new things
  11. Is there any advice you would like to give the next class of seniors?- Try your hardest and don’t slack off. I know senioristis kicks in second semester but keep driving forward because you if want a better chance at getting scholarships then try hard your last year at Kenston. Also, don’t wait until December to apply to colleges and take your ACT/SAT. And turn in your FASFA information as soon as possible so your not overwhelmed by the time scholarships start to come in. If your not going to college, I highly recommend doing an internship somewhere.

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