• Dr. Herpy

The Biggest Problem Among High School Students: Procrastination

It seems that a common problem among all students is that they put every important assignment off until the last minute. Every student I have talked to have told me that procrastination is the biggest problem they have. They all wish that they could stop procrastinating. Star student Alex Kreuzer says, “There a lot of unnecessary assignments that make it harder to focus on my important assignments and lead me to procrastinate harder.” What is it that makes every student procrastinate?

Some tips that are helpful to stop the procrastination process are: Break down your task into smaller segments so it doesn’t feel as overwhelming, bargain with yourself, if you do the task now then you can go and do something to reward yourself. Focus on the success and joy you will feel of completing the assignment early. You can also ask someone to help you complete the task. Although procrastinating seems like a bad thing, there are actually studies that show that when a student procrastinates a project, they actually end up doing better on it because their brain thinks that it has a higher importance then if they were to do it earlier.