• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Varsity vs. Rocky River Varsity

The Bombers varsity lacrosse team added another win keeping their win streak hot. On Saturday, April 7th the Bombers varsity lacrosse team beat Rocky River at home. With a final score of 10 to 5 the Bombers won their third game in a row and showed no sign of slowing down. After the first quarter the score was 2-1, and going into half it was 5-3. The third quarter Rocky River made a come back to tie the score 5-5. But in the fourth quarter the Bombers really started to take off and completely shut down Rocky Rivers offense not letting them score once. The Bombers ended the game with a score of 10-5 Bombers win. “We kept the pressure throughout the whole game, never leaving them with the opportunity to win,” said senior, Jack Rogers.