• Dr. Herpy

Cleveland Cavaliers Overcame the New York Knicks

LeBron And Love The Cavaliers traveled to New York yesterday (4/9) to face the Knicks in their 81st game of the season. At the end of  the first half, the Knicks trailed the Cavaliers 61-49. Continuing on through the game, almost the whole team scored with 11/13 players scoring for the Cavaliers. LeBron James and Kevin Love had huge games with 46 points combined throughout the whole game. LeBron James ended up having 26 points and Kevin love with 28 points. Other decent scorers for the Cavaliers were J.R. Smith and Jordan Clarkson both with 16 points apeace. The Cavaliers ended up beating the Knicks 123-109. “The Cavs need to keep winning to stay in the running for the Championship,” said Michael Cardaman.