• Dr. Herpy

Is LeBron James tired of being humble?

Apart from LeBron going on an almost nightly statistical assault in his quest to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers back to winning the NBA championship trophy they lost to the Golden State Warriors just last year, there is another phenomenon some might have already observed, as one that concerns more about The King’s behavior rather than his on-court exploits: LeBron James has become full of himself. It is impossible not to notice James’ feats and achievements this season even if you’re not paying close attention to the NBA. But James has also been doing his own part in spreading the word of his own basketball supremacy by constantly patting himself on the back. It has come to the point that whenever he breaks a record, dunks all over some poor player’s face, or makes an incredible play, it should be expected that he’d follow that up with a “Hey, look at me” post on social media. ” Yes, LeBron is in fact tired of being humble, but he has earned the ability to show off because he is the best player in the league” – Michael Cardaman.