• Dr. Herpy

Bowling Shoes: The New Fashion Trend?

Recently, there’s been something bizarre occurring at Kenston.  Students like Blaze Lanzilotti and Ethan Brinkman-Sull have been observed wearing bowling shoes to school for unknown reasons.  Perhaps it’s the start of a new fashion trend?  When asked why he was wearing the shoes to begin with, Blaze simply responded with “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”  We have yet to receive a comment from Ethan about his fashion choices.  More to come soon, but these are the shoes in question.

UPDATE: When asked about this new fashion trend during Symphonic Band, Ethan said that “Alex Hubert and Colin Montville are wearing the bowling shoes, as well.”  We will have to keep a lookout for these folks and get more info on this up and coming trend!