• Dr. Herpy

Is Blue Light Affecting Your Sleep?

For thousands of years, humans have relied on the sun as their main source of light. In more recent times humans have made technological advances and have invented great resources that can have horrible consequences. All electronics that have screens put out a light ray called blue light. Blue light is a color on the visible light spectrum. The sun puts out blue light so humans have associated the sun going down and when they should be going to sleep.  The blue light coming off the screens is the same as the sun’s, so people using their phone after the sun goes down is throwing their biological clock out of whack. When people are exposed to blue light after the sun going down their body is still telling them that the sun is still up and that it is not bedtime. This is making people fall short of the recommended hours of sleep.

“I believe blue light is very harmful to my sleep schedule,” said Garrett Klank.

Blue Light