• Dr. Herpy

Tornado Warning

Last night Sunday April 15th, there was a tornado warning issued to parts of northeast Ohio, including where a majority of us live. According to Fox 8 news, there were reports of high wind and damage. Included in this damage is the Amazon fulfillment center in Twinsburg, Ohio. Employees were still in the building when the roof partly collapsed, and two people were minorly injured. Another incident was a flipped car on Manchester road in Akron. Lastly, Valley road on Jennings Freeway was closed due to flooding. Thankfully, most of the damage was due to heavy rains, and no tornado ever touched ground. The powerful storm was enough to knock down power lines and trees in Bainbridge causing some areas to lose power. Despite no funnel actually forming, many people were very anxious about the power of the storm and took cover in their basements. Sophomore Marcie Oglesbee recounts her experience, “I was in my room, and my mom called up to me with some strain in her voice. She told me that we need to take cover in the basement, and I instantly became scared. So, I ran downstairs and watched as the radar showed the storm going over my house.” Other people saw the storm as a burden that impeded with their plans. For example, Gabrielle Powell complained, “I was disappointed when my friends were not allowed to go out due to the warning. We were planning on practicing for the fashion show which is coming up on Friday, so hopefully we will find time to reschedule. Overall, the storm caused pretty minimal damage, and thankfully never formed a tornado, but did cause some flash flooding.