• Dr. Herpy

A.P. Exams 2018

As the school year winds down, students across our high school are beginning to prepare for the Advanced Placement Exams that take place towards the end of the school year. You can find the 2018 Advanced Placement Exam schedule on the website. It is important to prepare for these exams because one, you have to pay money to take the exam so do not waste your money and two, if you pass the exam, it can count as college credit. Mrs.Gruver posted a review calendar on her door for United States History and Macroeconomics that started the week of April 9th. Mrs. Smith  began offering review for Government this week, April 16, after school on Wednesday and Thursday, and also during homeroom on Wednesdays and before school on Thursday. Lastly, Mr. Marchesi began Wednesday, April 18 after school and Thursday, April 19 at 7:10 AM. Take advantage of these teachers offering review as your A.P. exam date nears. Senior Victoria Jepson said, “I plan on reviewing for my A.P. exams because I hope to receive college credit from the courses I’ve taken.”