• Dr. Herpy

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day that is celebrated throughout the world. It is a day where multiple different events are held and participated in to support environmental protection. Some examples of events that are held on Earth Day would be planting trees, safe pollution experiments to see the outcome of pollution, and picking up trash around your local neighborhoods or schools. Earth Day is coming up, in fact it is on April 22, 2018. Are you wondering what you can do to help our environment? Well, you can pick up trash, put up reminders around your home to make sure you turn off lights and sinks, and participate in Earth Day organizations to prevent plastic pollution, along with other activities. If you are looking for an activity to do, but you do not want to physically go somewhere, you can donate money to organizations and receive t-shirts and other clothing that support Earth Day. Overall, there are many activities to participate in for environmental protection in our earth.

Izzy Custer said, ” Earth Day is pretty cool!”