• Dr. Herpy

The Importance of Volunteering

Should people volunteer? Is there any real purpose of helping others out? What is the importance of volunteering?

Volunteering is when you do something, without being paid money, whether it’s big or small in order to help someone or something. It’s usually helping out in a way of doing something useful. Volunteering can be something big like helping out at an animal shelter but it can also be something small such as helping someone with their homework. Volunteering isn’t mandatory but it’s a great way to show kindness to others.

Volunteering may seem boring or a waste of time but it actually has its perks to it. Volunteering can give you the opportunity to create new experiences and even inspire you to do something to help others in your own way. Volunteering can put you into different environments and situations so that you can learn something new. Volunteering may build career options and help with getting into college. One of the best things you can feel is the satisfaction of helping someone out and making a difference in your country and community.