• Dr. Herpy

Are Students Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is vital to students, and their grades, but most of them aren’t getting enough per night. As students, we need to go to school, manage a social life, and participate in extracurricular activities, all while getting enough sleep. Sometimes it is hard to find a balance in order to do this, and typically we lose out on one or more of those groups, typically students choose to give up their sleep. However, sleep is the most important thing we do every day, it energizes us for the rest of the day and if we don’t get enough we will start to see decreases in grades and worse performance in those clubs and sports. So by trying to be able to do everything we get worse at everything we are trying to be able to do. A way to combat this sleep deprivation among teens is later school start times, by having later start times students would be able to sleep in longer in the morning.

“I don’t get enough sleep because I have to wake up at 5 a.m. in order to get ready and be at school on time,” said Clair Tuller.