• Dr. Herpy

Seniors, Finding a College Roommate

Trying to find a college roommate can be stressful.  I even know how stressful it can be because I am a senior right now.  I have found a couple useful tips for finding a roommate or even people to meet who are going to your college.  One way to find a roommate or new people, is to go on Facebook and join your college and year of graduation year’s group.  Since I am going to Miami University and graduating college in 2022 I joined the Facebook group Miami University Class of 2022.  Seniors can do the same but put in their school of choice instead.  Once on the page you can see posts from people going to the school and decide whether or not you want to message them about rooming or just being friends.  Also, If you want you can post about yourself and see who answers.  On the Facebook page you can also join group messages to talk to people going to your college.  If you don’t want to go through this process you can pick a person you already know, search on a different site or go with a random roommate.  I would highly suggest to try one of these ways to meet a roommate or new people.  Patrick said, “I decided to go with somebody I already know and I am very exited for college.”