• Dr. Herpy

The After Prom Fashion Show: Results

The After Prom fashion show finally took place last Friday, April 20th. Leading up to the show, there was a lot of confusion. A majority of the groups had to drop out because of the baseball team’s game at Progressive field. However, this did not stop the show from turning out great! Only 4 groups ended up participating, CEC, Juniors, and two groups of Seniors. All of these students took time to practice and it really showed in their routines. From personal experience, working together to come up with a dance was stressful at times, but by the end everyone really came together. For most people it was the first time they were performing on the auditorium stage. This definitely caused many people anxiety. According to Junior Paige Toft, who said, “My heart was racing right before the music started, but once it did, my nervous energy turned into excitement. Personally, I loved being up on stage and wish our dance would have been longer!” In addition to the dance routines,the band Zoo Crew Rejects performed. They were extremely entertaining, and the audience really enjoyed them. To help move the show along, the announcers, Colin and Nathan, provided hilarious intermissions between acts. Overall, everyone who participated tried their best, and had a great time turning the show into a real success. Next year, however, it is hopeful that more people will participate. So, if you will be a junior or senior next year, mark the date on your calendar and get a group together!