• Dr. Herpy

Time is ticking away

Seniors your time as a high school student is coming to a close. In a couple months the real world will be upon you and it is what you do with it that will define your future. If you go to college your parents will not be there to hold your hand anymore, you will have choices to make in college like am I going to study or party. For others it is straight to the work force or into the military which is a lot different then having to get up everyday for school. A wise man once told me do what makes you happy, never chase money because there is a good chance you will end up unhappy. This summer I challenge you to do different things and see new places because Chagrin Falls, Ohio, is a speck of dust on this beautiful planet we call earth.” Do what you have to do and enjoy doing it. Have fun once in awhile and be yourself,said” Andrew Weisberg. Every choice you make will either benefit or harm your future so choose wisely. Time is ticking seniors, how will your future be defined?