• Dr. Herpy

Can The Cavs Bounce Back?

Cavs Vs CelticsAs I’m sure you all know, the Cavaliers have fallen to a 1-2 deficit against the Boston Celtics in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics have dominated the series so far even without their All-Star point guard, Kyrie Irving; and All-Star forward Gordon Hayward. Hayward has been out since the first game of the 2017-18 season after a devastating leg injury ended his season while playing the Cavaliers. Meanwhile, Irving has dealt with multiple nagging injuries throughout the season and ended his season early to have knee surgery. Though the Clevelanders have an advantage, they have only been able to defeat the tough Bostonians once in this dogfight of a series. The Cavs, led by LeBron James and Kevin Love, have under-performed in this series and many fans are unhappy with their play up to this point. Donny Maynard said, “Although the Cavs are down 2-1, they will come back with the help of home court advantage.” While the Celtics have found a rhythm with their healthy players, Al Horford, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris, and Terry Rozier. There is but one thing that I am sure of, this will be one of if not the hardest non-finals, playoff series that the Cavs have played in many years!