• Dr. Herpy

How To Prepare For Finals.

As the year concludes, we are once again presented with the daunting task of preparing for course finals. A semester of information can be quite difficult to relearn and regurgitate, however, I’m going to share some techniques to prepare you for your tests. Preparation should begin about a week before the exam, thus avoiding procrastination and cramming the night before. Secondly, make sure you ask the teacher for help on known problematic areas or concepts. If a study guide is not provided, search for quizlets or create your own to assist in organized review. If you are reviewing class notes, color coding can help identify each concept’s importance, improving memorization and prioritizing content. When studying massive amounts of material, it is crucial to take breaks and give yourself time to absorb the information. Lastly, make sure to eat a hearty breakfast and be well rested to ensure your brain is awake and ready to go. Finals are not as difficult as they appear if sufficient time is put into studying. The teacher has prepared you, now its your turn to show how much you’ve learned. Good luck.