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Graduation Speech From Morgan Spehar and Anna Soryal

Morgan Spehar and Anna SoryalMorgan: Ladies and gentlemen,

Anna: boys and girls,

M: teachers,

A: administrators,

M: faculty,

A: and most importantly…

Both: students.

Morgan Spehar and Anna SoryalM: Welcome to the most entertaining speech you’ll hear all night.

A: Congratulations, everyone– we’ve not only made it through the first (insert number) minutes of this ceremony, but we’ve managed to survive the entirety of high school.

M: Not to mention a whopping twelve years of being students at Kenston.

A: So, we figured there’s no better way to pay tribute to those twelve years than by taking you on a trip down memory lane.

M: When we all started as first graders here at Kenston, we were so young. So innocent.

A: So full of life and yet, so unaware of what was to come.

M: It was truly the beginning of an era. I didn’t realize it yet, but on my first day of class with Mrs. Moody, I was introduced to the people I would spend the next twelve years of my life with.

A: Fast forward through second, third, and fourth grade. I can remember learning to read and other important life skills…like cursive.

M: Fifth grade. One word:

Both: Maturation.

Morgan Spehar and Anna Soryal

A: Moving on.

M: Which brings us to middle school. My favorite memories were Columbus, camp, and the District of Columbia. But that’s it.

A: The rest was just a mess of braces, Aeropostale t-shirts, and wearing around my middle school boyfriend’s sweatshirt. Specifically the one with his last name on the back.

M: You had a middle school boyfriend?
A: Freshman year! I marched at my very first football game, danced at my very first Homecoming, and realized there was a big difference between eighth grade social studies and AP European History.

M: And I was definitely small enough to get shoved into lockers but don’t worry all you future freshmen, that’s just a high school cliche.

A: By the time sophomore year rolled around, we were just excited to not be freshmen any more.

M: Granted, we weren’t the “upperclassmen” that we claimed to be, but we were one step closer. By then, we were in t

Morgan Spehar and Anna Soryal

he full swing of high school: cheering for the Bombers with our friends and fully committing to this whole “relationship” thing.

A: To be honest, I hadn’t changed much in that department. Maybe I wasn’t copping a new guy’s sweatshirt every week, but I assure you, the fruitless attempts were still there.

M: As juniors, we began to think outside of Kenston as we crammed for the ACT, started to tour colleges, and tried to figure out what the heck we’d be doing for the rest of our lives.

A: While she was busy doing that, I was dancing the night away at prom and deleting every college email in my inbox. Ignorance truly was bliss…

M: But that bliss didn’t last long, because as senior year began, we really had to sort out our futures. And it was hard– I’ve never seen so many stressed out people in the same place at the same time.

A: In fact, I just saw a kid throw his AP test across the room because he was so stressed. True story. Not his finest hour.Morgan Spehar and Anna Soryal

M: But mental breakdowns aside, we made it. Every failed test and Sparknoted English novel became irrelevant as we counted down the days until graduation.

A: That’s just a fancy way of saying “We all got senioritis”. Badly.

M: But we’re not here to remember the rough patches. We are here to celebrate our triumphs as the class of 2018, both past and future.

A: Now that we’ve reminisced, the only thing that’s left to do is look towards the future. It’s time to set new goals and dream new dreams. To open our wings and really learn to fly. *look at each other* Oof, that was corny.

M: We know we’ll always have fond memories to look back on, but here’s some advice for the future. Work your hardest, be the best version of yourself…

A: and never be afraid to shoot your shot with cute guys, no matter the time or place.

Morgan Spehar and Anna SoryalM: Yeah, that too. But seriously, class of 2018. Thank you, not only have we made lasting memories but you have taught me one of the most important things I will ever need in life. Our school testing code.

A: So one last time, let’s say it all together. Ready?

Both: 3-6-0-8-6-0.

Kenston, it’s been real.