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Malcolm LinderAugust 2018


My name is Malcolm Linder and this is my sophomore year at Kenston High School. I signed up for Web Design because I heard we used Photoshop during class, which is a fun program to work with. You can create many things through it, and I love creating new things.

Presently, my computer background consists of not to much. I do use social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram. I hope to contribute to the KHS Website working on creating pages and adding pictures to the website. Besides Website Design, I am also taking Art II, English, American History, and Accelerated Geometry this semester.

SlamWhen I am not in the classroom, I like to draw pictures of realistic people or animals, play basketball often, and jot things down in a notebook. My favorite TV shows are “Orange is the New Black” and “On My Block.” As far as music, I choose not to listen to the radio because they tend to play songs over and over. Instead I listen to songs on my phone. My favorite Genres are pretty much all genres, if I like the sound, I add it to my playlist. My all-time favorite movie is definitely “UP,” and my favorite color is yellow.

I hope you enjoy the 2018-2019 version of the KHS Website.

Malcolm Linder
“Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution” ~ Anonymous

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