• Dr. Herpy

Get To Know Mr. Kepreos

Meet Mr. Kepreos!

Mr. Kepreos is a teacher in the Business Department at KHS. But when the snow starts to melt, the flowers start to bloom, and the sun starts to shine, he is a golf caddy at Chagrin Valley Country Club, or CVCC for short. Ever since 2001, once the last bell rings at the end of May, Mr. Kepreos heads to his summer job. Caddying four to five times per week, he carries member’s bags across all eighteen holes giving them the best tips and strategies to up their game. I interviewed Mr. Kepreos and asked him what his favorite part about the job is and he said, “The interaction with members is the best part! Along with being outside and getting a nice workout.” But to every job, there is a down part no one likes and he said his least favorite part is the fact that he has to work during the summer and that he has to be away from his family and kids.

Caddying is not the only part that makes CVCC a wonderful place to be. They have many other departments and are always looking for good reliable kids to take the responsibility. Mr. Kepreos has recommended about thirty to forty Kenston students to CVCC over the years and many became great employees and stuck around for a long time. Currently, eight Kenston students still work at CVCC that came from his recommendation.

In seventeen years of service at CVCC, Mr. Kepreos has become very professional at his job and well respected by the membership. With that respect, members have requested to have him as their caddy numerous times. Not many other caddies can say the same. So alongside from being the business teacher that we all know him to be, he is very active every summer and as long as he can walk, he will continue to provide  great service to the members at Chagrin Valley Country Club.