• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Boys Soccer Ties Shaker Heights

Kenston Boy’s Soccer is off to a fantastic start this season, with a record of 3-3-1. The only recorded tie comes from this past Saturday, September 8th, against Shaker Heights. The Bomber Boys played a physical and intense game for all 80 minutes, despite the cold rain and windy conditions. The first half was full of shots on goal from both Shaker and Kenston. However, the first half ended scoreless for the two teams, as Kyle McAbier had multiple wonderful saves as goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet.

The second half of the game had its first goal by Donny Maynard, off of a penalty shot in the box. After many defensive stops by the Kenston back line, led by the outstanding performance of Jack Roman, Shaker Heights broke through and scored a goal. This goal tied the game, and no one was able to record another goal for the remainder of the match. There were many mixed emotions by the Kenston fans and players about the tie. The starting Kenston mid-fielder, Carter McAbier, has many opinions about the tie and about the soccer season.

Do you think the Kenston Boys had a good game against Shaker?

“We played great for the beginning of both halves, but we fell off towards the end of each half.”

Are you happy with the tie?

“No, it frustrates me. We should have had an easy win, but we played down to the other teams level. At least it is not a loss.”

How will your team bounce back for your next game against Eastlake North?

“We will have our standards set higher, because it is a conference game. I would like to specifically focus on capitalizing on our goal scoring opportunities through set pieces.

How do you prepare yourself before soccer games?

“I first chug an energy drink called “Spark.” After that I eat two and a half orange slices, because that is the perfect amount of citrus for my body. I then listen to my hype music. This music includes the sensational smooth jazz hit Don’t Touch My Hair. Only after these steps am I prepared to play the game of soccer.”

If you want to see the boy’s team take home a win, come to the Kenston stadium as they take on Eastlake North. The game is at 7:00 P.M. on September 11.