• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Bombers vs. Eastlake North Rangers

This Friday, the Kenston Bomber Football Team will be playing Eastlake North at home. The bombers look to go 4-0 and claim their first win in the WRC for the season. Eastlake gave the Bombers some troubles last year, but the football team is looking to make up for any minor mistakes that occurred last year against Eastlake. The Bomber Stadium will be showcasing our new scoreboard installed last week, so there are even more reasons on why you should come out and support the team Friday night.

“I haven’t seen the scoreboard in person, but from the picture I have seen, it is pretty tight,” said Avery Bowen.

Also, make sure to show up and wear Hawaiian clothing since that is the theme for the game. The Bombers need all the Kenston Krazies to come out and cheer. The Bomber Football team needs as much support as it can get in order to help them continue their winning streak and achieve going 10-0 in the regular season.