• Dr. Herpy

Kenston vs. Streetsboro Football

On August 24, 2018, The Kenston Football Team faced off against Streetsboro as the first kick off of the year. Kenston Krazies sporting red, white, and blueStudents were thrilled to watch the team win showing their school spirit with the red, white, and blue theme for the night. The start of the first quarter shocked everybody with Kenston scoring twenty one points and Streetsboro scoring zero. Kenston Krazies were beyond excited with the great start to the game. In the second quarter Kenston had scored 10 points and Streetsboro scored 7. Quarter three Kenston scored 13 points and Streetsboro scored 7 again. The fourth quarter was a surprise with no team scoring any points. The final game score was Kenston 44 to Streetsboro 14. Mr. Thompson one of the history teachers at Kenston High School is the head coach for the Streetsboro Football Team making this a big deal to Kenston. The team blew Streetsboro out of the waters with 17 first downs, 20 passing plays, 34 running plays, and a total of 54 offensive plays. Jack Porter, a junior running back for the Kenston Football Team said,“The game was a good start to come back from being eliminated from the playoffs for not having enough computer points.” The Kenston fans were overjoyed by the performance of the team and are excited to see what the season has to come for the Kenston Football Team.