• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Football Senior’s

The Kenston Bombers are graduating twelve senior’s this year. Starting Wide Receiver Bransen Stanley, made second team All-Ohio last season as a junior. Mr. Stanley has been grinding all summer and the off season to achieve his goal’s. Starting Outside Linebacker Matthew Iklodi, is a returning starter for the Bombers. He has put in a lot of hours before and after practice to perfect his skill, the Bombers are expecting a lot from him this year. Starting Middle Linebacker Joe Staudenbaur, is another returning starter filling the role of Sam Leygraaf. He will continue to play a key role in the Bombers starting Defense. Starting Safety Kole Jarzembak, is a new starter for the Bombers and has continued to study his role on the field. He has continued to work hard from the beginning of the summer up until now to fill his role. Starting cornerback Dorian Talley, suffered a terrible injury last season. He’s went through months of therapy to make his leg stronger. Dorian has worked his entire high school career to make it to this point, his fellow teammates and coaches are expecting big plays from him this season. Starting Punter David Cooper, came out for the football team his senior year and has worked extremely hard to gain the starting spot. Mr.Cooper began to work very hard in the weight room and it began to appear on the field. Senior Jacob Engelhart, suffered an injury late in the summer during a tough practice. He will be back later in the season starting at Defensive End. Jacob is a great leader and role model to the younger guys whenever they are unsure about a certain play or move. Starting Strong Safety Nick Franklin, has improved his game over the summer while watching film and conditioning his body. Senior Sam Leygraaf, suffered an injury during a tough summer practice. He has gained a new role as a linebacker coach helping out younger guys to fill new roles. Starting Center Brandon Schroeder, is another returning starter for the Bombers playing a key role for the starting Offensive Line. He is a very explosive and will also be playing Middle Linebacker during the season. Starting Right Tackle Alex Robarge, made second team All-Ohio last season and is going to continue to take part of the starting Offensive Line, he is six foot four inches and three hundred and ten pounds. Starting Nose Tackle Mitchell Sotera, is another returning starter for the Bombers that has been in the backfield every play.

“Play every play like its your last”- Harris Skaramagas