• Dr. Herpy

The New Season for Girls Tennis

This year the Kenston Girls Tennis team is very big. It is not like other years where there were barely any girls. There are 45 players this year and 4 teams. The varsity team consists of 7 players including captain Kierna Chalmers, a senior this year. On the varsity there are two new freshman this year, Anna Marthe and Kelsi Currington. There are many seniors leaving after this season such as Cameron Lutz, Anne Ware, Lilia Topalian, Kierna Chalmers, Lucy Beirmann, Maria Jerina, and Heather Koplow. There is also a Varsity B team, a JV team, and a JV exhibition team. Kenston is doing pretty well this year and have won most of our matches. Tori Scott said, “Our season has been going very great and we are doing amazing so far. I can’t wait to win more matches with the girls.”