• Dr. Herpy

Congratulations 2018 AP Scholars!

Kenston High School is one of thousands of schools who have implemented Advanced Placement courses into their curriculum. This program allows students to take college-level classes, raise their GPA, and potentially receive credits for college, all while in the comfort of these high school walls. Students are able to challenge and push themselves to greater heights, and some have truly reached the stars.

For those who go above and beyond in these difficult courses, recognition and praise must truly be given. The College Board acknowledges these outstanding AP Scholars across the nation, and Kenston is proud to have over one hundred awards received by its students. I have had the privilege to speak with a few of these amazing scholars, and was provided with insight on what these classes are like and how they can affect one’s future.

As a AP Scholar with Distinction, Peyton Roth has earned an average of 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and has earned a score of 3 or higher on five or more of said exams. When asked to describe what it’s like to take an AP course, Peyton said, “The course and workload can occasionally be hard, especially with extracurriculars.” He believes that the most important aspect to help one succeed in a more challenging class is to manage your time. He stated, “Not procrastinating and working on things preemptively is key.” Peyton is hoping that by taking these AP classes, he will enter college with over twelve credits and lower his tuition costs.

Kenston graduate, Evan Measures, won the AP Scholar Recognition award this past school year, and was able to give his view on AP classes and how they affected his college experience. Evan said, “The main strategy to succeed is to just listen to your teacher during class and engage yourself in the discussions, also do your homework because that is where the skills are applied and memorized.” Evan is now attending West Virginia University, and he said that taking AP courses made him more appealing to colleges, and even earned him a scholarship at WVU. He is now better prepared for his college classes because of the AP courses he took during high school.

Along with these two honorees, the dozens of Kenston honorees should be recognized and congratulated for their excellent work, and those who are contemplating if Advanced Placement courses are right for them should contact these award winners for individual insight.

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