• Dr. Herpy

Are you ready for the upcoming swim season?

This year, we are looking for boys and girls to join our swim team. We lost most of our seniors, so we are a very weak team at the moment. Also, you will have the opportunity to letter if you receive enough points. You must have fast times to be able to compete in varsity events.  In order to make varsity, you have to practice really hard. The swimmers practice from 2:45-4:30 everyday. You are probably thinking, “What do you do for 2 hours in the pool?” We normally start with a warmup. Our warmup takes approximately 15 minutes. During that swim, our coaches give us sets. For example, we might swim 200 yards of freestyle, than eight fifty’s on a one-minute send off. That means you have to swim each fifty (two laps) under one minute. Whatever time is left is rest time. After the warm up, we begin the pre-set. This is usually a preview of our actual set. This takes 15 minutes. After our pre-set, we will start our set. This is very vigorous and is really repetitive. For example, we would swim 8 100’s on a 1:30 send off. This will take about 15 minutes. After our set, we will do our cool down. This will be a 200 easy. Please consider joining our team! Looking forward to seeing everyone!