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De-Stressing at Kenston

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Welcome to the De-Stressing Page!

This page was created to help the students at KHS cope with the constant stress of high school. Here you will find tips and tricks for keeping your life as free of stress and anxiety as possible, as well as information on mental health and how you can ensure a smooth, relaxed, and successful school year!

Do Dogs Reduce Stress?

About 73% of pet owners own a dog, making them the most popular pet. You love, nourish, and care for your dog, but did you know that your dog is actually caring for you too?

The “Pet Effect”:

The “Pet Effect” is a phenomenon which is released when you pet a dog. The “Effect” is the increase of levels of nerve transmitters such as serotonin, which means the lowering of blood pressure. High blood pressure commonly leads to high stress levels.

They inspire you to exercise:

Dogs are most often considered to be high maintenance animals and have a constant need to exercise. However, though sometimes their need to exercise may be very inconvenient, our loveable friends actually help us by providing motivation to exercise, and exercise is widely proven to reduce stress in people of all ages….continue reading.

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