• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Table Tennis

All over the school there are many students that may not have the most athletic ability. While many of them are perfectly fine with being that way, others would probably want to be a part of the Kenston athletics in some sort of way. A Table Tennis team would be a great way for students to come together and bond through a sport that anybody could play and be good at. While many people do not consider it a sport, it most certainly is. Introduced in 1988 table tennis was added to the long list of events in the summer Olympics. The team could have an inner school schedule, or even find other schools that have a team and play exhibition games or even a tournament to be crowned champion. Table tennis would be an awesome and fun way that the students can bond and connect through a sport that any ordinary person could participate in.”Ping pong would be lit and a great way for people to come together,”said Val Carriero.