• Dr. Herpy

PACK 2018-2019

PACK or Political Action Committee of Kenston has begun for the 2018-2019 school year. There are many events that PACK will attend and hold this year along with meetings and discussions of current events. To begin, PACK is looking to recruit new freshmen and sophomores to join the club. With the graduation of previous seniors the club is looking for more politically active students to join! PACK will also be holding elections for President, Vice President and Secretary for the club. Previous Co-President Brandon Oakes stated, “PACK is a great way for people from all across the political spectrum to come together and discuss current events and beliefs in a civil and fun way.” Additionally, PACK will hold mock elections for Tuesday, November 6th for midterm elections. These elections will take place in the middle of Donald Trump’s first term as President. PACK will be attending Candidates’ Night on October 16th, and visiting the Geauga County Court House in Chardon. The club will also have guest speakers such as Sarah LaTourette, John Patterson and former student and local lawyer Kimberly Kendall to question about political issues and views. Those who have an interest in politics or are politically active should consider joining PACK for the amazing opportunities and potential it holds.