• Dr. Herpy

A Day In KHS

As a Kenston student you start of your school day at 7:45 in the morning. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up this early, but we are lucky because some schools start way earlier. In between each class we have five minutes to get to our next class, this is plenty of time for me. Each class is about 80 minutes long. Sometimes it makes the class feel like an eternity, but it also makes the day itself go by way faster. In my schedule I have a block where I take a “break” from learning, this is weight lifting. I think this is a nice class to have because it lets me stand up after sitting for over an hour and relax a little. Most students have a class like this, this is a nice thing to have in school. After school is over many students have an after school activity such as sports, clubs, or other organizations.  After this we come home, do homework, and restart the school day the next morning. One of our very own freshman students, Mackenzie Skufca said, “Although it is always hard to get up for school in the morning, I look forward to seeing all my friends and having a great day.”