• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Krazies

A big part of being a student at Kenston is being a Kenston Krazie. Kenston Krazies are the students at our school who go to all of Kenstons after school events and help support them. They go to sporting events such as football games, soccer games, volleyball games, basketball games, and more. These are just the fall sports, they go to all the sports all year round. The Kenston Krazies show their support by dressing up in themes. These themes may include white outs, black outs, red white and blue, tie dye, etc. Some of the themes represent support to many causes, for example our pink out supports breast cancer. During the games they cheer on people playing and always making sure they are being extra loud. Football games are a big deal on Friday nights. Students love going to these games every Friday and love cheering on the team and dressing up according to the theme. Jimmy Daddona says, “Kenston has the craziest student section out of all the schools for sure”. Because so many students show up at these football games it is always extra loud. The Kenston Krazies always make sure they are cheering on and showing support to all of our Kenston teams.