• Dr. Herpy

Kyle Quinlan Is Crowned Mario Kart Champion

Homecoming week was full of many exciting events, including the Bomber Games. This Bomber Games’ activities were soccer, bag toss, kickball, and a gaming tournament. The gaming tourney was for the Wii game, Mario Kart. Around 20 gamers battled it out in a grueling Mario Kart showdown, but only one was able to come out on top. The one who was crowned Mario Kart champion was none other than Kyle P. Quinlan. There was lots of tough competition for Mr. Quinlan to make his way to the top, but he prevailed through the rough and unforgiving playing field. Players such as Eva Thorne and Timmy Shindika made a surprisingly early exit from the contest in the first round. The true Mario Kart gamers made it to the final, championship round. The championship round consisted of Kyle Quinlan, Ryan Lindecke, Maddie Engoglia, and Kyle McAbier. Ryan and Kyle McAbier’s skills were nowhere near the level of play that Maddie and Kyle Quinlan were performing at. Mr. Quinlan and Maddie Engoglia ended up getting the same score in the final round, so another round was added. The winner of that round was then crowned the world champion of Mario Kart. Kyle Quinlan triumphantly came out on top as the top dog in Mario Kart, taking home the gold. When asked about how he demolished the competition, Kyle Quinlan responded, “I got lost in the sauce.” Congratulations to Kyle Quinlan and his family for their constant support and encouragement.

Mario Kart Winner Collage