• Dr. Herpy

The Michael Jackson Show

This Friday night the Kenston Dance Team and Marching Band will be performing four of Michael Jackson’s hits. One of these songs includes “Smooth Criminal”which was released in 1988 and was a hit in many countries.Kenston Dance Team and Marching Band The next song performed by the marching band and dance team is “I Want You Back”. This Billboard Top 100 hit was performed by the Jackson 5 and was also number one on the Soul singles chart. The dance team will be featured in his next hit, “Beat It”. They will impress the stadium with their kick lines and pom moves. The Bomberettes will finish off the performance with another feature to “Thriller”, a 1982 hit and Grammy winning song, and continue to please the crowd. “I can’t wait to perform at another undefeated game,” said Bomberette Mckenna Sawyer. Come watch the Bombers take on Riverside and support the Kenston Dance Team and Marching Band.