• Dr. Herpy

Carson Makes A Touchdown

Saturday, October 6th, Kenton went head to head in an intense game of JV football at Riverside. Perseverance and determination struck Kenston’s freshman, Carson Gebeau, and continued with him the entire game. Lined up as the slot receiver, the play left him very open and agile. Instantly the ball was snapped and the play began. “When I heard the play call, I knew I had a shot at scoring. The ball snapped and I did my job, going to block the corner, then releasing” Gebeau states. The corner took the bait, went for the fake screen pass and all he had on him was the safety. The ball was perfectly placed over the corners head enabling Carson to snatch it and walk right into the end zone. The crowd arose in excitement and celebration towards the young player, closing off the first quarter.

The captivating game continues, shifting into the second quarter. After numerous plays, it dwindles down to the fourth with Kenston needing only one yard to score. Surprisingly, a pass play was called, the ball was snapped and Gebeau ran his route. “I wasn’t very open, with a defender grabbing my right arm, however all I needed was my left,” Carson explains. Instinctively, he reached out and grabs the ball with one hand. He shakes the defender, who is still holding on to him, off rigorously and sprints to the sideline. Sensing another defender nearing him, Carson stiff armed him and went in for his second touchdown of the game. Everyone cheered in satisfaction as the freshman jogged back to the sideline for some water. Gebeau thrived and proved himself immensely in the fierce, attention holding game which Kenston ultimately dominated.