• Dr. Herpy

Why We Love Mr. Continenza

Mr. Continenza is the Web Design teacher and he is always very joyful. He encourages us to do our best in class and helps us improve the website. Every time we put enough on the “What’s New” page he gets us donuts as a reward for doing a good job. “His voice is very soothing,” says Kyle Quinlan about how he loves Mr. C. Mr. C’s favorite song is “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows,” and this song makes all the students as well as himself happier during the day. It is a very good song and we love to hear it played by Mr. C. “Mr. C is literally the G.O.A.T. and make sure to put money in his donation jar,” said Ethan Thorne. Emma Koenig said, “Mr.C makes me giggle everyday.” Mr. C is the most encouraging and best teacher ever. Issy Billock said he “Is the greatest and coolest.” Every student loves Mr. C because of how great of a teacher he is. “OHH YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH,” says Mr. C.