• Dr. Herpy

Cleveland Indians lose Against Houston Astros

It was a sad loss for the Cleveland Indians yesterday as they played against the Houston Astros. The Indians could not be sure of much as Monday wound down, but their 2018 season was certainly over. On the eighth day of October, after just three playoff games that did not go their way, they were swept by the Houston Astros in the American League Division Series. The Astros had an 11- 3 win. The Indians played hard but still lost the game.  For the Astros, they played much better. Their pitching was suffocating and their hitting relentless. In yesterday’s game, they scored 11 runs while also leaving 12 on base.  The Indians however, only scored 6 runs across the three game. The Astros looked every bit like a defending World Series champion that is fighting to repeat. The Cleveland Indians looked like a small obstacle in their way.  Now the Indians are facing an off-season.  Marissa Gebeau said, “The Indians really let down all their fans in yesterday’s game.”