• Dr. Herpy

Trick or Treating: A Debate

Trick or Treating is a Halloween Festivity that has been carried on for hundreds of years. But now, since we are in high school, do you think it is time to cut the cord on this tradition, it’s debatable. So, I decided to go around and ask your fellow student body how they felt about this, asking the question of “do you still go trick or treating,” to various classmates.  After roaming the halls I came back with 15 responses, it turns out that trick or treating is left behind after freshman year which showed up in my votes. 6/7 freshman that I asked responded “yes” to only 1/8 upperclassman. Which is a huge difference, “I was told I was too old for trick or treating freshman year,” said Val Carriero (junior). So the case is closed. Looks like this Halloween festivity has been replaced for most of our Kenston High School students, which is probably a good thing!