• Dr. Herpy

Can Pizza be Considered Healthy?

Pizza has long been known for its bad rap of being a junk food, but should it be classified as one? The basic ingredients of pizza is well known to have a healthy potential. Load up on the sauce and don’t be scared, tomato sauce is well known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and is also an excellent source of vitamin C. How did I forget to mention about the cheese, stuffing it into every little part of the pizza may not be any good so stick with only one layer of cheese on top, and getting a bit of calcium once in a while may actually keep you lean. Now on the toppings, most toppings are quite unhealthy but it still isn’t bad to add a bit of them on top of your veggie pizza, it will boost the nutritional value you will receive from the pizza and make you feel quite full and satisfied. So don’t be scared and go put on your apron and turn up the heat. “I don’t eat pizza that often but when it comes to it I choose to go the healthy route,” said Zak Gray.