• Dr. Herpy

Bomber Bash!

The third annual Bomber Bash is less than a month away! On November 17 from 6pm-6am, Kenston will be hosting a lock-in fundraiser to raise Bomber Bashmoney for the KHS PTO, the classes and the most important being our charity, A Kid Again. This KHS PTO fundraiser will kick off with a dinner from 6pm-8pm with delicious food donated from many generous local businesses. After 8pm, everyone will be on their feet dancing, playing games, and other fun activities until 6am to raise awareness for children fighting life threatening illnesses. The event will be tons of fun full with inflatables, ga-ga ball, aerobic dance, karaoke, and so much more! Kenston’s own DJ Xtrav, Luke Jourdian will be the DJ for the night. The lead crew has been working hard and planning throughout the year to ensure a super fun event!

Emma Koenig who attended the event last year said, “My feet were hurting but it was worth it, I had a great time!”

To attend to Bomber Bash, there is an initial $10 registration fee. You are also required to raise a minimum of $50 in donation to help reach our fundraising goal of $25,000.