• Dr. Herpy

Boys Basketball Tryouts

The 2018-2019 basketball season is coming up fast. Open gyms have been taking place since the beginning of the school year as the kids get ready for their tryouts. Basketball tryouts are scheduled for next Friday, November 2. The boys are working harder to try and get a spot on one of the three teams. Everybody is trying to earn a spot on freshman, JV, or varsity. The players are starting to feel the pressure for tryouts because they hope to make the team. Tryouts will be held in the main gym at the Kenston High School after school. It is important to show up ready to work harder in front of the coaches. Coach Dejarnette, Coach Heiman, Coach Hausfeld, and Coach Lawrinson will be watching the tryouts and putting the teams together. They will try and get the best players to put on the court for their teams. These coaches have been getting the players prepared for tryouts through the open gyms, and the running that the players are put through. It is important to get in shape for the basketball season to be able to play at your best. More players have been showing up for open gyms because of the start of the new season becoming a reality. It is important to get as many kids as possible to these open gyms to get prepared for the season. Good luck at tryouts everyone!