• Dr. Herpy

Golf In The Winter?

Golf In The WinterHave you ever tried to play golf in the winter? It might seem hard but here are a couple tips how to successfully play golf in the snow! You lose most of your body heat through your hands and head. To stay warm you need to keep them covered.  A toasty ski cap and a really good pair of mittens are a must.  A pack of hand warmers in your mittens to keep your hands warm between shots is a good idea as well. To keep your body warm I suggest layering up with some of the new lightweight warm weather gear. For the golf ball a white ball, white snow. Well you can guess this could cause a problem. I suggest you get some colored ones. Stay hydrated even if the temperature dips south of 30, your body is still needs water.  So please put liquids back in and stay away from coffee and alcohol.  Hot cocoa and water will be better alternatives. Rylee Fisher said, “With these tips, I can’t wait to play some golf!”