• Dr. Herpy

The Success of The Poll of the Day Page

The Poll of the Day page was started on September 14, 2018. We came up with the idea so we could grow closer to the student body, and their opinions. The very first post we made was titled “Who is the best class of the 2018-19 school year?.” We tallied over 3200 responses in under 24 hours. Since then we have acquired over 4000 more votes for topics that include: Your opinions, your preferences, your ideas, and concerns. Throughout the past month of making different polls, we have really enjoyed taking different ideas from classmates, and peers to put together polls that are interesting and inclusive, to the students at Kenston High School, and any visitors our web page might have. We are looking forward to the future of the Kenston ‘Poll of the Day’ page, and we would love to receive ideas for future polls so we can help make Kenston a welcoming environment where we can share our ideas and opinions freely. You can email us using our email to contact us, to share your ideas, or concerns at KHS@KenstonLocal.com.

Visit the Poll of Day page.