• Dr. Herpy

First Round Friday

The Bombers have made the PLAYOFFS! The Kenston Bombers have not been a part of the playoffs since 2014 when they lost in the first round to Aurora 42-24. This Friday will be a special day for the whole community to come out and support as our Bombers take on West Holmes Knights. Our #2 seed Bombers are also looking forward towards their first ever home playoff game. Come out this Friday, November 2 and make it a night to remember.

As our community and schools are looking forward to the game, some students have even voiced how they feel. ”I think we are going to play really good this week and I am confident in my Bombers,” said Maria Jerina.

Do not forget, as of now, it will be a blue out, so make sure to find all the blue you can in order to stay warm and show off your support for our Kenston Bombers.