• Dr. Herpy

Hockey’s First Scrimmages

Over the weekend, the Kenston Bomber Hockey Team competed in two separate scrimmages against the Amherst Steele Comets and the Olmsted Falls Bulldogs. The Bombers, who were short players most of the weekend, went on to beat Amherst 5-2 on Saturday, with Carriero scoring three goals and Wenger scoring two. Hildebran played phenomenally, only allowing two goals the whole game. As the team moved into Sunday, they began the game against Olmsted Falls with flying aggression. By the end of the first period, Jack Haynes had put two in the back of the net and the Bombers were tied with the Bulldogs. As the game progressed, an injury and penalties would plague the team to be down a goal at the end of the second, 6-5. The team rallied back in the third, but lacked enough energy to pull out the win and lost 9-8, with Haynes scoring three and Carriero scoring five. “I think we showed signs of future success, but we couldn’t sustain our energy throughout the entire game with seven skaters,” said Senior Jack Haynes. With the low numbers and upcoming season, the Bombers will have a lot of work and effort to put forth in the future.