• Dr. Herpy

How to Make Sure you Are Ready to Ski?

Skiing can be a means of transportation, a recreational activity or a competitive wintersport. Skiing is a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Skiing first began in Scandinavia according to an interpretation of ancient paintings. The most common type of skiing is Alpine skiing “downhill skiing.” Gravity is your best friend when it comes to skiing. According to Claire Roch, “I love skiing. I love the feeling of gliding through the snow.” It allows you to travel top speeds down a hill. This is the best part because you are able to feel the wind against your skin. If you are a first timer, you should rent your skis and boots because they are really expensive and you might not like it. Skis should be 20-30 centimeters shorter than your height. Shorter skis are a lot easier to turn. Ski boots are super uncomfortable. You should find a pair that are comfortable and should be able to move your toes inside your boots. After you find a pair of skis and shoes that fit, you are good to go!