• Dr. Herpy

Gymnastics Pre-season

This year the gymnastics team is getting ready to start the 2018-2019 season with a win. The girls are very happy about the new addition to the team, freshman Nikki Nelson, Regan Chamberlin, and Presley Gabram. The gymnastics team is excited to have new competition leotards after 4 years.The team has their first meet on December 18th at Lakewood. They are practicing three days a week at their home gym First Flips Gymnastics getting ready for the season. Coach Martorello said, “I am excited for the season to start because I feel like the girls are working very hard and will be very successful.” The team has a total of 12 girls this year with one senior, Victoria Hammerle. The Kenston Gymnastics team is excited to start the new season!