• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Bombers vs. Buckeye Bucks

Kenston Bomber football is competing against the Buckeye Bucks. Both teams are 10-1 and this is expected to be a very good game.  The Kenston Bombers had a nice victory last Friday against Millersburg West Holmes, the score was 48-34. The Buckeye Bucks defeated Columbia last week for a win of 38-35. Medina barley got through in the big game. I wonder how they will be able to hold up against the Kenston Bombers in round 2 of the playoffs.

This game will be hosted at the Bedford high school stadium. Although the stadium is far, Kenston is counting on their fans to come and support them in this big game. Make sure you come down and show your support in this big game. It will be a DOG FIGHT!