• Dr. Herpy

Why Funny Photoshop Has The Best Photoshop

Funny Photoshop is the best Photoshop because it has a good amount of quality when compared the other Photoshop pages. The photos that are created always make people laugh and feel happy. The creator of Funny Photoshop is Kyle Quinlan, he is a sophomore in high school who’s brain is dripping in creative sauces and spices. Kyle always manages to update the Funny Photoshop with his creative and saucy Photoshop. Every time he updates the page, it has a new taste of creativity and his photos are only improving as he makes new photoshops. The sauce is overwhelming with the amount of creativeness. Kyle is very dedicated to this page and loves to work on it because he always has a new idea for the next photo that he creates. Kyle Quinlan has something to say about Funny Photoshop, “Funny Photoshop is a way for someone to release all of their negative energy in the form of comical images. When I make a Photoshop, I go on the verge of crying each time because of the sheer beauty.” Funny Photoshop is a way of making people feel joy and a way to make people laugh.

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